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The 0300 number for Scotland in the photo is not a different line to Scottish NHS or Scotland specific test results centre.. still to the UK test and protect centre.. indeed this isn't a Scotland specific card, it is from the UK government.. so the same service just with a fee for Scotland, because you know..

Called this morning to check a test result for our daughter which should have been sent to use by now.. seems like they have lost her results.. glad I paid for that call..

The bottom of a UK government PCR test receipt care giving two phone lines for additional help.  the first is a free phone number for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.. the second is a charges line for Scotland.

@jk "lost", jeezo.

@athairbirb indeed, not like they were posted, they were sealed at the test centre and added to a box full of tests.. most likely the person on the end of the line misspelled something when noting my details.

@jk that seems more than likely. It's not optimal at all.
No doubt the lack of test result will inconvenience this weeks plans a little?

covid mention
@athairbirb yup, its especially galling as she didn't have any symptoms* but the childminder insisted that as she had a cough (had done for over a week, accompanied by a runny nose and sneezing) she be tested.

* it wasn't a covid symptom qualifying cough in my opinion.