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We've finally received an acknowledgement of our applications to move to Japan, it doesn't give much away but suggests that we might need to have interviews at nonsensical times of the day, because of the time difference and the apparent demi-godesque status of the village (approx 4,000 people) mayor.. and (presumably) his timetable..

.. this has wound me up the wrong way.. you apparently only get an interview if you have been accepted.. we both have jobs and childcare we have to work around.. but the mayor can't schedule a time that suits us all, for people he wants to move to his village ..really?

So I have wake up at something like 4am after probably 1 hour of sleep for an interview in a language I am far from fluent in (when awake) just to satisfy his fucking ego? Not going to happen..

..either they want us or they don't and the man with the job of mayor will have to show a little bit of flexibility if he wants us to move to his village.


Like, we're not asking for a favour here, we have applied to a scheme to help rejuvenate the village and local community.. individually my wife and I have very strong cases that are both community focussed .. I'm not joining a fecking cult and I'm not bowing to a broken system just because it is the way it has always been.. I'm moving there to ruffle feathers and encourage/enforce changes to backwards systems that disadvantage people based on gender, sexual orientation and place of birth/skin colour (integrally linked, non-white, particularly other-Asian racism is prolific)..

Fuck that shit, it only re-inforces my desire to hire a female as my trainee/future head brewer (cis or trans - apologies if it's a terminology faux pas) and to try and empower anyone of a discriminated background in to prominent positions in other small business ideas I have for the village..

If they can't pin an extra 30 minutes onto their questionably busy day to interview us at a time that is mutually convenient then they can kiss my excessively hairy blue ass..

Having found out a little more about the response.. we waited a month to be asked if there is any chance that we'll be in the village at some point soon.. as that would be more convenient for interviews.. they know that we live thousands of miles from Japan..

my siblings-in-law are as pissed off at this response as we are and suggest that we need to call the council chief to get shit sorted out.. they have a week to respond to our response then when that absolutely does not happen, head honcho will be called.