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As someone who took down the satellite dish and disconnected the TV aerial antenna upon moving in to our house about 7 years ago.. I'm finding the experience of watching terrestrial TV and the channels' catch up apps both infuriating and sickening..

The sheer volume of ads is infuriating and much more than 7 years ago.. the content of a large volume is "Brexit is great" and it's bloody sickening.. though I am in Grampian TV region so could just be the Tory influence up here.. though my suspicion is that it's widespread.


@jk aye, always shocked when the ads roll in when I watch real TV.

Ads are so bizarre, like there's an advert culture which if you extract yourself from it, you lose touch with why the adverts are so bizarre.

@athairbirb yeah, it's weird.. I remember after a trip to the US when I was about 11y.o. commenting on the ludicrous amount of ads between tiny segments of a TV show.. had the exact same experience last night. Even the non-"Britain, fuck yeah" type ads were bizarre.. a chicken witch of the North, wtf?

I've deliberately never installed satellite or cable TV. I used to watch too much TV and the thought of having more choice was scary. I would never have left the house.
As to the adverts, I like how some shows are sponsored. It gives me time to turn the sound off at the ads and back on when the show is back on.

@wizardofosmium @jk
I haven't owned a TV for more than 25 years. I don't miss it.

I can't imagine anyone lying on their deathbed saying: "I wish I had watched more TV",