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It took a bit of work today (amongst a hectic day at actual work) and a fair amount of help from tobi, but I can now post to my personal website from Indigenous and have it syndicate to my #GoToSocial account. I still have to test liking, sharing, commenting via this method so not completed this part of the "write" activity quite yet.. good progress though.

From an API interaction perspective writing the "read" activity scripts to integrate likes, shares and comments from others back into my account SHOULD be easier.. but from a logic perspective there is a lot more to work out and I'm starting from scratch as this functionality is provided by on at the moment on my other site.

Earned a beer!


Text posts work, content warnings work, media posts work, image descriptions work, visibility scopes work.. happy days.

replies, boost and likes now also working.. that's the "easy" part done :)

As GtS doesn't have pages for statuses etc. I don't think I can use the webmention route for responses to my posts so I need to find a way to derive a common SLUG for static pages which is followed for both GtS and webmention sourced posts.. that way when I write the pull scripts to grab statuses and interactions from GtS, static pages won't be created if they already exist.. I think this will only relate to my interactions.. as remote interactions to my statuses should be piped into the existing data file that webmentions uses..but that can only work if there is a common SLUG.. hmmm

unless I can send a json payload to telegraph and let it work through the existing process that way.. hmm.

I've worked out a much easier way to do things which I'll make a start on next week, far too much script writing already done this week!