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Intensive driving course tombola initiated.. we better be offered interviews and move to Japan now.. I am very happy as a non-driver and having to get a licence to be accepted on the programme is a little disappointing..

Anyway, details given to a "fast track" website to find me a test and instructor.. let's hope with the current backlog, I can actually do the needful before next Spring.


I also hope the lessons and test aren't in the dead of winter.. icy roads are not going to be an overly frequent driving condition in Shikoku..

I remember my first driving lesson was in 10cm of snow. It was lots of fun and I now look forward to driving in snow.

@wizardofosmium Did you do an intensive course or did you learn the standard way over "seasons".. it's not that I mind driving on a bit of snow/ice but I don't want that to be the condition of the entire learning and testing experience..

It was back in the early 1980s and from first lesson to passing (1st time) it took 99days. I wasn't doing an intensive course.
There's one thing I remember from the day of my lesson, I had heard that there were more passes in the morning than in the afternoon so I asked my instructor, he thought carefully and admitted that it was true. Things might have changed since.

@wizardofosmium interesting, I think pre-apocalypse the standard was afternoon tests for intensive courses .. the pass rate for automatic tests is pretty low (about 44% last time I checked so) so fingers crossed, given the variables are somewhat outside of my control.