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food (vegan)
Last week we went out for a walk in a wooded park (don't remember its name) where there was an abundance of wild garlic so we gathered some to bring home.. today for lunch I made it into a pesto and it was delicious! Even my daughter had a second bowl!

a light green bowl containing a pile of penne pasta coated in a green wild garlic pesto and seasoned with white garlic flowers & buds, sea salt, black pepper and nutritious yeast.

food (vegan)
My wife found a much more local patch of wild garlic and back about 200g worth of leaves.. more pesto made!

re: food (vegan)
this morning, my daughter objected to the pancakes and strawberries she got for her breakfast (she objects to every single dish put in front of her for every single meal) and actually demanded green pasta.. so I think we're going to have an occasionally happy infant over the next week or two!