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My week two yoga observation is very similar to week one's.. it is never the part of the body that is apparently being worked on that is tired after the session.. just the auxiliary parts.. today was core focussed again and my arms and legs are tired..

this probably speaks more of just how inflexible and weak my body is than the exercise itself.. still, I'm going to presume that progress is slowly being made as the 5-10 minutes of meditation are really starting to be a feature that I look forward to during each lunch break.


@jk how're you doing your yoga?

@athairbirb following along with a video playlist.

This is the playlist but I don't really have any means by which to judge if its a good one or not, but I don't find the instructors annoying and can follow their instructions so a win for me.

@jk cool! Shall take a look, I always wonder if that sort of thing would prove beneficial to myself.

@athairbirb the jury is still out here but I spend way too much time in front of a computer so I suspect that it will be beneficial to correct my increasingly poor posture at the very least.

@jk my posture is getting worse with time. Lots of computer time for Uni and, well, leisure too.

Doesn't help that I carry the cub either. Shall try this yoga though, I think it'll help a bitty!