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Had an impromptu, unscheduled and unexpected brief video chat with the brewer that I wrote a letter to back in December. They were at an event with friend of mine and my brother-in-law so my wife set up a quick intro.. was a little hectic and wasn't an actual chat by any means.. and they appear to have struggled with my Scottish accent somewhat (lucky that I can speak some Japanese!) but it was good to put voices to faces.. would have been nice to have been given enough time to properly prepare (run some sort of spiked implement through my wild hair and tamed my beard a little).. but hey ho


@jk the hair may fit a nice niche of being a wild Scotsman

@athairbirb I think that was very much the impression that they would have gotten! Not helped by me being slightly agitated by work, studies and setting up my new brewing kit that arrived just before the call.

I've plenty of experience of being overseas though and I know that my accent softens pretty quickly when not in l'Ecosse. So future chats should be a little more comprehensible. Hopefully! Kind of relying on having some people I can speak to in English.

@jk I imagine it'll be easier to converse in Japanese when you're more immersed and with greater contact. It's quite cool you're getting all these video calls with the folk over there

@athairbirb cool but as somewhat of an introvert, also pretty nerve-wracking especially given little time to prepare - my wife is very much the extrovert and tends to rush headlong into these opportunities.

@jk sound like a pair who work well together 😁