nipponalba | pleroma

After waiting for a week since submitting our initial introduction presentation to the village govt. My wife and I were hoping for some feedback but all we’ve received is a request to confirm where my wife’s family record is kept (in the same building as the request came from, albeit likely different departments).. we’re both reading that as a positive sign but are hoping that it is followed by some positive feedback in the next week or so.

..we haven’t yet applied, we were advised that we should do so in November but they requested this initial intro, which possibly we make have gone a shade overboard on..

I’d like to think that as we answered all of the questions we were told we might get in an interview, that there then wouldn’t be a need for an interview but that is definitely wishful thinking.

Either way, hopefully the next week is a bit more progress-forward than the past one.. though given our daughter will be away, I’ll settle for a couple of nights of decent sleep and healthy assignment research progress.