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Just got my marks back from the first assignment from this tedious course, for which I applied as minimal effort as I could.. just shy of an A.. had I opened and reviewed the document after upload to the submission software and noticed that some of my figures/diagrams had been omitted, then corrected this then quite possibly it would have stumbled across the line but it'll do.


each of the missing figures were formula explaining the concepts I was writing about.. so pretty key but it seems like the turnitin software doesn't like LibreOffice formulas so.. ah well.

@jk my greatest fear is a lecturer using turnitin, which seems like dodgy software anyway.

Libreoffice (and Collabora) are all I use and I can see pictures etc being ruined with a dodgy reformatting. Thankfully, they allow just emailing the lecturer directly.

Pleased to hear it got through though, well done!

@athairbirb I hadn't used the Libre office formula function before and should have checked that Turnitin hadn't borked it but I was somewhat overcome with a wave of "cannot be fucked"-ness which won the day..

Not sure that it warranted such an honourable score but not going to complain.

@athairbirb @jk
Can you PDF it first, then submit?

@fitheach @athairbirb you can but the submission software does this and worked ok before. Will be more cautious for further submissions, possibly converting to pdf myself before submitting