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My wife thought it would be a good idea to reach out to her home town's government regarding our intention to apply for their rural regeneration scheme (it is a good idea) and it seems like we'll have a video chat at 9am one day next week.. I am already exceptionally nervous, I only speak Japanese when in Japan and need a wind up period to get in to it.. was expecting an interview further down the road but not so soon.. I hope I don't come across as entirely incompetent.. it's an information session rather than an interview, I guess, but it feels like there is a lot riding on this meeting.. I hope the people in the village who have been talking to them about me haven't exaggerated my Japanese level..


I have to keep telling myself that we are moving to Japan regardless of whether or not I am accepted on the scheme.. it's just that the job and guaranteed income for 3 years would greatly reduce the initial stress from the move.

@jk oof good luck!