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My daughter and I are just discovering the delights of "Pul Pul モルカー" on Netflix.. aside from the cuteness overload which my daughter loves, it's actually really funny.. finally the relentless "Peppa pig" onslaught and weirdness that is "Cocomelon" has a worthy competitor.


What a frustratingly small number of episodes.. already back to the obnoxious porcine family..

@athairbirb oh how I miss the days of Shawn the Sheep on repeat.. savour this time as as soon as they can choose their own programmes your televisual pleasures will free fall..

@athairbirb in the height of my daughter's interest in Shawn, I bought her a (smaller) soft toy of him and she seems to have a real problem accepting that the sheep had escaped from the TV, rather than delight her first response was to throw it on the floor and run away.. it eventually became a favourite though 😅

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My kids have been assigned "homework" to watch cartoons to help them learn Basque. So, Shaun Arditxoa:
Problem is, there's basically no talking.

@priryo @athairbirb yeah, wouldn't probably have been my first choice for a language learning cartoon.. how do the farmer's grunts translate? 😀​

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There's Postman Pat on there too and that's probably the one that's taught me the most because the theme song is the same as the old ones when I was a kid, still remember the words.