nipponalba | pleroma

Bit of a dreich day for my 2nd lunchtime bike ride.. but I am of rain, I was born in Scotland, dreich is my daily driver, a wee bit of rain and wind won't stop me... Only my resistant legs can do that! 33 minutes more of this psyching up to go.

Going to give FitoTrack a go today.


I wonder how I can plot a route that exclusively travels in the same direction as the wind but still gets me home before my legs turn to jelly... hmmm

The wind is the killer. I used to cycle to work down and up Lanark road every day. The wind was almost always behind going down hill and in my face going up. Some days it could be 20 minutes to work and 40 minutes on the way home. I was always hoping for a bus to follow, to get out of the wind.

@wizardofosmium Yeah, I had a similar situation when I used to cycle to work when living in Edinburgh.. particularly when I worked on Fettes Row and had to climb that bastard Dundas Street hill at the start of the journey, against the wind! Obviously, there were routes around this but just delayed the inevitable.. life got a lot better when we moved to Leith, a far easier journey regardless of wind.

I refined my circuit today and should be able to build up to 2 and then 3 circuits in the space of my lunch break but at this stage of the process and against a hooley of a wind, I thought I'd best leave it at one!

#FitoTrack is excellent, and the GPS reasonably accurate.. it short-changed me a little suggesting a cut some corners and cycled through a few houses, rather than the nearby path but aside from that, I like it!

Wouldn't mind some options over image size and format when sharing the summary though.. will double-check that I haven't just missed that feature and raise a request ticket if it is indeed missing.