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Today, for the first time in many years, I took a full hour for a lunch break.. went for a bike ride (also first time in years) and for the next 5 minutes am ignoring the messages sent to me that ignored my "away" status..

Feels good! Though due to my negative fitness levels I suspect the feeling will be short-lived.. regardless, will do the same again tomorrow, and the next day etc.


currently trying to find an open source GPS tracker for either my lineageos phone (no sim) or my pinephone (with sim).. not looking great so far.

Found AAT which might work out.. GPS started working once outside, will give it a go tomorrow.

FitoTrack is good.
We use it for running, but it will track all types of activity.
Combine it with KDEconnect and Viking GPS and you can very easily share the GPX and visualise on the desktop.

On f-droid as well.

@CreatureOfTheHill nice, I wonder why it didn't come up in my fdroid search.. I'll check it out, I don't love the AAT interface.

Search can be a bit funny we have found. Here if it helps.

@athairbirb @CreatureOfTheHill I've had the izzydroid repo added since I lineageOS'd this phone, was one of the first things I did. I have the app now, has a nicer interface than AAT, will give it a run.. or bike.. tomorrow and finally install KDE connect this evening as I've been meaning to for months.

@CreatureOfTheHill Thanks for this suggestion, it's exactly what I was looking for!

Glad it is useful πŸ˜€