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food (vegan)
When I made the scotch broth soup last weekend, I based it loosely on a recipe I found which seemed to understand what the soup is all about.. I didn't realise at the time that the recipe site was that of a Scottish vegan.. and only discovered later that he also has recipes for stories and haggis the latter of which I am making tonight.. fingers crossed!


food (vegan)
Good effort, a solid base for tweaking going forward.

The texture was pretty good due to the steel cut oats (though possibly slightly oat heavy), though I think so mashed kidney beens could be added to bind it slightly better.

The flavour was pleasant but could be more haggis-y.. I think I'd swap out the nutmeg for made but slightly less, add some paprika and maybe cumin and replace the white pepper for black.. otherwise I think I'd maybe add a little celery at the start..

My changes would possibly be detrimental to the overall haggiss-ness but I guess we'll see next time I'm haggising.. but for now I'm all haggised up.. haggis!

I only took the one photey when it just came out of the oven.
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A vegan haggis just out of the oven in a loaf tin, steel cut oats, sesame seeds and beluga lentils are prominent.