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Hmm after updating my instance to the latest round of pixelfed commits, my discover page is now entirely populated by posts made by myself..

Not that it was hugely meaningful before the changes, as the trending section was populated with posts that appeared in my timeline but I'm not sure that these new changes fulfil the brief of "discover" for a decentralised/federated app.. How is a user on a small single-(or few)user instance meant to discover anyone if it is local only and they only see their own posts?

I'm sure this is still a work in progress but given the importance of discoverability, particularly to smaller servers, why would anyone want to join anywhere but if their experience will be hamstrung elsewhere?

I can already play through the conversation with friend..

Friend: Oh this is a cool looking site, fairly familiar layout, sure, I'll give it ago..

Me: I just send you an invite

Friend: eh, is there anyone other than you using this app?

Me: yes, haha, thousands of people

Friend: and I find them how?

Me: well you have to have pre-ordained innate knowledge of their existence, you know from experience with another activitypub app with enhanced discoverability options

Friend: activitywhat?

Me: of course despite my many attempts to get you to move over, this is your first account.. In that case you need to create an account on other instances and check their discover pages for interesting accounts.. But people also post photos from other non-pixelfed sites so if you want to find them you'll need to sign up to another service, but I can give you an account on my..

Friend: Actually, never mind, thanks anyway..


@athairbirb instance admin\owners can enable a public page per instance but it isn't tied into any sort of discoverability function as of yet (he says hopefully) and I for some reason my public timeline is entirely blank - so maybe I haven't posted recently enough or something.

@athairbirb I misread this and only noticed after I replied (of course).. yeah some sort of cross-platform directory (opt in) or something would be cool.

@athairbirb I don't really post to my pixelfed account though, whilst I hold out hope for its future, I don't see the point of posting there right now.. plus I'm waiting for a response from the dev on how I hook up to the API to syndicate from my website like I do for the majority of my posts here.

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'Groups' if there where such who had same interest. I found Ruaraidh by typing in Nostalgia in the general search tab, not much there but @ least I found something interesting to read with the same question I have...'how to find others with at least same interests or conversations'...sighs now.


I found trunk helpful to find people with similar interests:


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Oh this is so awesome! Thank you so much!