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Turns out my HTC One was an M7 rather than an M8.. oops! I've now got LineageOS 16 running on it.. and just flashed /e/ to an HTC 10 to check it out too.. found an HTC U Ultra, which I hated, lasted less than a week before I gave it to my wife and ended my run of HTC phones.. might chuck LineageOS on it too.. see if I still hate it.


Apps keep crashing on M7 and whilst initially /e/ looked OK on the HTC 10 (though I prefer LineageOS) it got stuck in a reboot loop - which it was doing before too.. so onto the HTC U Ultra..

@jk at this point I'm afraid to ask what battery life on a 10 is, these days. I loved mine back then but damn if it wasn't a battery-guzzling handheater first, smartphone second.

@jk I had an M8. Amazing phone, in terms of pure hardware, but I spent MONTHS of my goddam life trying to get a stable build of Lineage running on there. Gave up eventually and bought a OnePlus. Don't know what it is about the M8 build but it doesn't like me and the feeling is mutual.

@doenietzomoeilijk I wish I could answer.. but before I decided to reboot, it was on something like 60% and said there was about 1 hour and 20 minutes left of the battery.. I had been installing a tonne of apps at the time so idle.. maybe 4 hours ? 😆​

@johnnie I thought I had an M8, but seemingly not.. the M7 (apparently) was my all time favourite phone, I may try again if this behemoth of a phone that is the U Ultra continues to be needlessly big.. I may have discovered why the specific app I was using was crashing a lot (user error).. so it may get another look in.

@jk Yeah, that sounds about right... 😂