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Installed 'foliate' on my pinephone and its currently my favourite app on the device. It is well scaled, responsive and I like how it connects to online catalogues.

Finishes 'The strange case or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde', though I'm pretty sure I had read it a few years back.. now on to 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' .. then maybe something by a Scottish author which is set in Scotland as opposed to london.


Sigh.. finished*

@athairbirb thanks for the suggestions, will be lead by what is available in project Gothenburg and the other online catalogues that foliate uses and so I suspect that these might be a little too recent.

I do enjoy the rebus books, have a handful of them up ra stairs.

@athairbirb will keep an eye out, preferring Conan Doyle's writing style to Louis Stevenson's but was considering giving RLS another chance too.