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In order to get non-local replies to work correctly I need to work out how to query my local mastodon\pleroma api to return the local version of the remote reply.

I can see that there is a url value in the local version that links to the remote version but the app replies to the remote version.. but the reverse is not true.. so need additional logic in my syndication code to connect the trail and reply to local rather than remote version (as my site is only authorises to post to my instance)

Will hopefully not take long...


OK, so I think the process will go like this:

1. GET remote URL of reply status
2. GET remote context of reply status
3. From remote context get URL of original post
4. Curl original post (which is to an object rather than notice.. ) and grab the local ID of the original status from the redirect message..
5. GET local context of original status locally
6. Loop through each status entry in context array until you hit the one thats URL matches the remote URL of the status I am trying to reply to..
7. From that record, grab the local ID of the same status and send the reply to it..

.. fun!(?!?!?!)

Testing local replies