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Testing complete?
* Normal status syndication? ✔️
* Content warnings? ✔️
* Photo uploads? ✔️
* Captions? ✔️

That was needlessly difficult but I can now directly syndicate with the api so can, at some undefined future point, look into other api options like post scope or polls (unlikely).. or in some even further point in the future can possibly extend to syndication to pixelfed..

back of a black manjaro community edition pinephone. white pinephone box in background.

re: Testing complete?
actually adding an expiry date to my api posts might be a good idea.. everything is going to be on my website anyway, will help keep the DB size down a bit here without having to use a 3rd party tool.

re: Testing complete?
post visibility added..

I guess at some point I can enable replies & boosts via the website too.. should probably be pretty easy to do.. but probably will need a GET query to pull id of user\message being interacted with..

that's a bit weird.. the reply-to account is only correcrtly displayed if a content warning is applied and the post is collapsed..