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first impressions: might try a different OS..

Manjaro is very slow, some of the apps don't launch those that do take their sweet time about it, UI scaling is variable..

No apps are shown under explore of the software app

oh! It seems to be running Wayland instead of the Plasma DE that I was expecting.. let's see if things improve if I install plasma...

switched my sim over from my pixel 2 (lineageOS) to the pinephone and I get a signal! - I don't with the pixel 2..

received an SMS but unable to send or receive calls.. yet.

working now..

battery efficiency needs some work, as does the wifi connectivity which is ok most of the time but disconnects/prompts for password occasionally..

Anything that prompts you to choose a file (image viewer, nemo, background selector) doesn't work as the file selection window is outwith the limits of the phone screen

Not sure how nextcloud integration works.. I can see a nextcloud calendar in the calendar app but no obvious way to access files.. etc.

Tried installing anbox to get some android apps but it isn't launching..

Camera quality seems worse on screen than the resultant photo.. but I've not played around much with this yet.

I suspect that I will be able to configure a number of these issues by docking and using keyboard/mouse/monitor which I shall try this evening.

@jk I use debian and I just installed the owncloud desktop app from the repos. Then I synced as I do on the desktop. I don't know how battery efficient that is though.

@qwazix yeah, I think I'll have to do the same if I can't emulate the android client experience.. I like the one-way sync (backup) that it offers.. though with the recent changes to the desktop client maybe that's doable nowadays anyway.

not really.. though I did eventually manage to get a photo of my daughter downloaded for my background image..

I like that the default chat app can handle SMS, XMPP & matrix at the same time.. hopefully at some point itยดll do so a little better..

The lack of available apps that I need would be partially bridged if I could get anbox to work.. but it isnae launching..

Will order another SD card as I seem to have none currently not in use.. and give the pinephone multiboot a go to see the state of play with some other OS options.. but currently manjaro needs some work (though itยดll get there and I was expecting this, so not in any way aggrieved)

It also does run pretty hot..

@qwazix I actually mapped a network drive using dav, which I think will more or less do what I want - sync wasnยดt working so well on manjaro

anbox now working.. but the in app keyboard is covered by the manjaro drawer so canยดt use the bottom row!

all of the apps that I want to use via anbox require the bottom line of the keyboard as it is where the fecking . lives... would be nice if I could use the manjaro virtual keyboard rather than an anbox one..

All anbox apps are very fuzzy graphically too..

canยดt use either conversations or Dino for xmpp.. need a physical keyboard for conversation and Dino doesnยดt fit well with either portrait nor landscape.. unable to scroll in conversation pane..