nipponalba | pleroma

2020/05/23 7:04:07 PM UTC

alcohol mention & food
Made pizza again tonight and it was one of those rare occasions where the dough turned out to be near perfect!

I also tapped my latest attempt at Imperial Stout and.. YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! I NAILED IT!! (flavour-wise).. By leagues this is my best beer yet, it tastes exactly like I hoped, it's a real Imperial stout, strong-flavoured, thick, oily and both coffee and cacao nib flavour profiles make appearances at different stages of the drink..

What a day to be alive! (In this household specifically)

So, I probably missed the ABV by about 50% but I don't care, I'll work on all that once I start my brewing PgDip programme.. right now, it's all about the flavour and this is banging!

Next beer will be another dark one, thinking a porter and am tempted to see if I can infuse it with dark cherries.. because I do over-confidence better than any other entity, alive or dead in any dimension of the entire universe! .. ahem..
sensitive media
50\50 white and wholemeal pizza base, with a red lentil sauce, a mixture of vegetables and a modest amount of vegan "cheese"