nipponalba | pleroma

2020/03/23 7:11:05 PM UTC

going to make a concerted effort to revisit (non-VR) games that I've got less than 10 hours of play time in on steam.

First up will be tropico 6, there was a bug (possibly linux only) at release which made it unplayable past a certain point in the tutorial.. and I moved on to other games, never to return..

Next will probably be frostpunk, great looking game and I've watched many hours of playthroughs etc. but it seems a little 'on the rails', hopefully this is my misunderstanding.

..then Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun which I have to imagine clashed with a release of a game for a franchise which I was invested in because on paper this game was developed for me..

should keep me entertained for a while.

2020/03/25 8:11:01 PM UTC

re: gaming
well I guess frostpunk will be sat at 3 hours of play time eternally as it now doesn't appear to launch under any flavour of proton.. must have done when I bought it..