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Plans for this year to work towards moving to Japan in a little over two years (a year early):

Study for and sit JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test) N3 - which I should already be able to pass but I need to re-establish an actual studying pattern for N2 the next year.

Finish the house projects (garage renovation that was abandoned by previous builder after his team failed to satisfy council requirements) and ensuite shower room refit - probably can't sell 'shower leaking down to living room ceiling' as a feature.

Test open-source platforms for initial business idea and do a lot of the groundwork and planning for business growth towards eventually having the capital to launch a brewery,

Make a beer every month at home to understand processes, impacts of different grain bills, hops & yeasts.. Try brewing and experimenting with dark beers and souring.

Look into "beginner" molecular chemistry course, so that I have can really understand protein chains, water quality, wild yeast impact etc.

Maybe reach out to some breweries towards the end of the year to enquire about short-term internships or shadowing for the following year to understand scale and quality control, canning\kegging processes etc. on industry scale.

Look into the Japanese government's rural initiative (don't recall the name right now) aimed at encouraging people to move to rural Japan and establish businesses there to see if a) I qualify and b) can encourage my new contacts to create a suitable role for my potential application in a couple of years time.

Really focus on improving my vegan cooking repertoire to include Japanese dishes, find and practice solid dashi bases and try to make dishes that might sit in a future vegan cafe.

There are more likely some plans missing but these roll off the top of my head..

next year: driving licenses, JLPT N2, studying for Japanese beer proficiency tests (yes, really), strengthening of pretty much everything above.